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You’ve Got To Laugh Haven’t You?

No you haven’t.  Not this time.

I’ve written before about recruitment agencies, their many flaws and questionable manners but this one takes the lamb kebab.

Recently I was sent on a two week course of which only one afternoon taught me anything of use.  Exceptionally poor (I’d say it was unprofessional) IT provision didn’t help a course that was as demotivating as anything I’ve ever experienced.  However, the course provider had a dedicated recruitment department and I made sure to take time out and touch base with them.

Regular readers may be ahead of me here but please be patient, this one is a real belter…

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Honourable Recruitment Agencies (2)

Latest bullshit tactic appears to be to e-mail and say they’ve left a message on your voicemail when they haven’t. Phoning back gets a “the person you need to speak to is out, I’ll get them to call you back”. Of course, the call never comes, e-mails don’t even get read, never mind replied to (return receipts are a wonderful thing) and phone calls go straight to voicemail.

If you’re not interested at least have the balls to say “Sorry Jamie, you’re not quite what we’re looking for.” It seems that adherence to honesty and professional standards isn’t in demand any more.

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Recruitment Agencies – Shysters Or Honourable? Updated

A nice comparison is going to your local aromatherapist for a healing massage. Beforehand you discuss what you’re looking for (in my case it’s usually loosening up the shoulders and lower back) and the therapist makes a number of checks (health, blood pressure, et cetera) before agreeing with you the treatment he or she is going to give. If the recruitment agency model I’ve experienced were followed here, you would turn up, be thrown face down onto a carpet and beaten senseless with a splintered cricket bat before any words are exchanged. Then a few months later you’ll get a bunch of phone calls from whoever beat you (they’ve moved on to somewhere else by then) asking if you would like the same treatment again.

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