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Tag: poor customer service

Southeastern FAIL – Complain Loudly!

Yesterday the expected snow hit the London area.  We knew it was coming yet Southeastern trains capitulated like the Information Commissioner’s Office.  Whenever the weather plays up the usual friendly greeting tends to be a shuttered ticket office and no announcements.  I wasn’t surprised to see that yesterday morning.  Getting home was a nightmare mainly because of the complete lack of coherent information from Southeastern.

When the weather plays up I don’t mind the odd delay.  When there’s no information coming from the train operators and a complete lack of customer care that’s when there’s something very wrong going on.

When I eventually got back home I logged on to Twitter and watched the #Southeastern hashtag unfold.  I’d been one of the fortunate ones.  I e-mailed Caroline Pidgeon, the Vice Chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee.  Here’s an extract from that e-mail:

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Royal Mail Fail. Again

Eventually (12 minutes, better than BT, Virgin Media, HP and Dell in my considerable experience) I got through to an operative who was apologetic that correct procedure had not been followed. Surely when something says “Private & Confidential” that means there is personal information inside and the letter needs to be handled with due care and attention? When the sender has paid for a signature from the recipient surely the post person should ensure that obligation is fulfilled and obtain the signature?

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