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EU Commission’s View On Phorm-related Matters

Just in case anyone had hoped that Phorm, illegal use of DPI and privacy issues had dropped off my radar (*waves at all those pro-Phormers out there*), think again.  You’re still on my radar and will be for a long time to come.

Recently members of NoDPI, Privacy International and the Open Rights Group went to Brussels for a meeting with the EU Commission, including Commissioner Vivian Reding.  Remember that it was Commissioner Reding who announced the legal action against the UK “government” for its failure to act properly in enforcing EU directives against BT and Phorm.

The notes from the meeting are posted at NoDPI but some very relevant facts emerged that deserve to be highlighted.

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Some People Think Ethics Is A County North Of The Thames

The trolling has continued during today. Now whoever is doing this is clearly lacking in class and ethics and also any understanding of the legal question marks over Phorm’s “Webwise” product. Looks like some people really do think ethics is a county north of the Thames.

It’s not about emotive statements. It’s not about smear campaigns. It’s about facts. It’s about trustworthiness. It’s about Phorm being open, honest and showing that they behave to the highest standards of conduct (although recent events have driven a coach and horses through that.)

Ultimately it’s about legality. Respecting and obeying both the letter and the spirit of the law.

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