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Paperchase & The Increasing Voice of Social Media

Paperchase have finally come clean.

And not before time.  I’ve already said that this was an issue which they could and should have handled much better.  CEO Timothy Melgund’s apology falls short of what I believe is in order, namely a full apology for and retraction of his comments to the newspapers about Twitter and its user community, but it is at least an acceptance that Paperchase did not handle the situation at all well.

Hidden Eloise writes some Final Advice To Paperchase which includes the following:

“Here is what I propose instead to Paperchase.
  1. Make a clean and public apology for the bad research that led you to the conclusion that no copying was ever done.
  2. Acknowledge publicly that the plagiarism was real and my allegations correct.
  3. Retract publicly the damaging comments you made regarding me and all the Twitter users.
  4. Put the infringing items back on sale and give all profits from this range of products to a charity of my choice, supporting something that we both hold dearly: independent artists.”

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Automated Answering System Failures

Not everyone likes to use a company’s website to deal with issues. Not everyone has internet access. Some people want to get their issue logged by a person. Some people need to actually talk to a person (as I did this morning). When a customer calls an organisation they don’t want to be bored senseless with waffle about that company’s website – they want to talk to someone!

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Royal Mail Fail

Having already written about call centres and customer service you know that I’ve got some sensible ideas about how to provide a service which is better for customers.

This morning I had cause to contact Royal Mail about the redirection of mail I had set up.  They are now redirecting mail intended for other people at my old address instead of the mail intended for just me.  One letter was time critical and clearly not addressed to me.  Being the decent chap I am, I contacted the company concerned and advised them that the letter had been wrongly forwarded to me.

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