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Barbara Hewson: Bringing Negative Publicity To Her Employer?

In the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile revelations and the recent guilty plea by Stuart Hall to charges of indecent assault (including a 9 year old girl) there are many questions facing the BBC.  Many who grew up during that time may now be asking themselves who wasn’t involved in such vile conduct.  That Savile did not face trial for his conduct must be distressing for his victims.  Hall will be sentenced soon; anything less that a custodial sentence will surely cause outrage.  Matthew Norman in the Telegraph writes a balanced piece on why, despite his age, Hall must go to prison. I am on record as saying that the law must be enforced where it has been broken, as it usually seems to be.

Therefore it was extremely disturbing to read Barbara Hewson’s comments on Spiked Online which were reported by a number of news websites.  To say they were ill-considered and offensive is putting it mildly.

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The Delusions Of Brendan Barber & Trade Union Dinosaurs

Brendan Barber is deluded.

He thinks that the coalition government’s austerity plans are “insulting claptrap”.  Barber should know a thing or two about claptrap – This is the man who thinks unfettered internet access should be a right for everyone with a job.  Sure Brendan, let’s have a workforce spending half its working day on Facebook.

I’ve got news for Mr Barber and his friends – Britain became a dark, brutish and more frightening place under a “government” that he, his organisation and its members supported.  Need I remind you that the Labour “government” – supported by funds from trade unions – was responsible for planning and partially implementing a surveillance state like none that has been seen before?  The Labour “government” seemed to take Orwell’s 1984 as an instruction manual.

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Wigan Council’s Health Fascism Over A Cheese Sarnie

You really couldn’t make this up:

staff at a nursery in Pemberton, near Wigan, have confiscated a cheese sandwich belonging to a two-year-old pupil, Jack Ormisher. Its failing was to contain neither lettuce nor tomato.

Sadly, predictably, this isn’t some off-the-reservation jobsworth acting out on an unsanctioned limb. This is exactly what Wigan Council says should happen, because of course they know more about how to bring up children than parents do:

Wigan Council has since confirmed that the straight-up combination of cheese and bread contravenes its healthy eating guidelines — and fully supported the cheese-snatchers. “The centre has a list of recommended healthy food, according to national guidelines, which children are encouraged to eat,” said a spokesman. “A cheese sandwich would not feature on the list.”

In colloquial parlance I believe the correct term to use is “WTF?”  You may choose to use your own stronger exclamation of disbelief if you like.

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Crazy Domains Slapped Down

Last month I wrote about Crazy Domains and how their tasteless advertising campaign raised the ire of a number of Australian women.  The company’s MD, one Gavin Collins filed an appeal.  I wrote at the time

The text of Collins’ appeal letter is interesting.  In some ways it smacks of the smear tactics attempted by Phorm.  It definitely smacks of complete ignorance of the validity of the complainants.  Just like Phorm.  Just like Phorm tried to slate Alexander Hanff about his complaint to a nappy maker so Mr Collins has launched into an attack on Logansrogue both in his response to the initial ASB enquiry and his appeal.

Well the adjudication is in…

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