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LGA Wants To Ban Jargon – About Time!

The Local Government Association has published a list of jargon terms it wants banned.  It has sent a list to local councils of words and phrases it wants them to stop using.

“And about time!” was my first reaction to this, and that was reinforced when I saw the list.  I’ve always felt that spin belongs on the cricket field and not in the workplace.

Tony Collins has more on this including a list of offending words and phrases on his IT Projects blog at Computer Weekly.  If this desire on the part of the LGA has its intended effect, no longer will people in office meetings be able to play what I’ve been led to believe is called “Bull**** Bingo”.  That is the game where you write down a list of certain management and business phrases and, just like in a bingo game, you cross off a particular word or phrase when it is used, shouting “House!” when you have crossed off everything on your list.

Now shouting “House!” isn’t really a good idea in meetings – it marks you out for one thing – so usually a cough or a sneeze is regarded as the equivalent of shouting “House!”.  So I’m led to understand.

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