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PCC Wants To Regulate UK Bloggers

In a disturbing article, Ian Burrell describes how the chair of the the Press Complaints Commission wants the supposed “watchdog” to have jurisdiction over blogs, suggesting that blogs do not have the same right of reply that they offer people offended by newspapers.

My response to Baroness Buscombe, whose ill-considered neo-New Labour idea is described above is a plain and simple “Get stuffed!”

Bloggers write about issues that are important to them, issues about which they can write with far more knowledge than the mainstream media, issues which the mainstream media think aren’t worth any coverage because they don’t sell newspapers.

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In Defence Of Blogs: A Challenge To Stephen Pound

Tim Montgomerie writes a defence of blogs in response to Stephen Pound’s weak attempts to justify what has become known as “Smeargate” (the unsavoury conduct of Damian McBride for which he resigned)

Apparently I’m a sad little boy who sits at my bedroom computer all day.  That was Stephen Pound MP’s non-defence of smeargate on Sky News earlier when I was debating with him.  He didn’t even try to defend Labour but went on the attack… against bloggers.  And blogs are supposedly the puerile ones?

OK Stephen, I challenge you here and now, in public.

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