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Ijaz Butt In Cloud Cuckoo Land

Back to Jamie being in authority at the ICC. Once in receipt of the answers from the PCB I would then consider what steps to take. Vague answers or a refusal to answer questions would be judged harshly. Ijaz Butt’s comments about Chris Broad show a chairman under strain and trying to cover his own backside. He realises that this isn’t something that can be pushed to the back burner with a nice little compromise and has decided to charge out like a bull in a china shop. That won’t wash with a lot of people. Answers are needed. He knows the questions; they are in the public domain. His answers need to be detailed, spin-free and in the public domain.

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Kamran Abbasi On Butt & My Complaint To The ICC

Kamran Abbasi writes about Ijaz Butt and Javed Miandad in his Pak Spin blog.

The tragedy of the Lahore attacks is followed by a frightening realisation that the salvation of Pakistan cricket lies in the hands of Butt.

Kamran and those who have commented on his post thus far have reassured me that not everyone is as dunderheaded as Butt and Javed Miandad, who seem incapable of realising that the PCB has a huge job ahead to a) prove its competence and b) restore the rest of the world’s confidence in Pakistan as a safe venue.

As the PCB seem to have taken Miandad’s 20-plus year old grudge as a driving force and submitted a formal complaint to the ICC about Chris Broad, I have written to the ICC asking them to dismiss that complaint as “without merit”.  If you’ve read my other writings about the Lahore attack and Ijaz Butt then you will know what is in the letter.  This is just a more formalised version.

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