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Ijaz Butt In Cloud Cuckoo Land

Back to Jamie being in authority at the ICC. Once in receipt of the answers from the PCB I would then consider what steps to take. Vague answers or a refusal to answer questions would be judged harshly. Ijaz Butt’s comments about Chris Broad show a chairman under strain and trying to cover his own backside. He realises that this isn’t something that can be pushed to the back burner with a nice little compromise and has decided to charge out like a bull in a china shop. That won’t wash with a lot of people. Answers are needed. He knows the questions; they are in the public domain. His answers need to be detailed, spin-free and in the public domain.

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World Twenty20 Afterthoughts

Congratulations to Pakistan for winning the mens’ World Twenty20 competition and to England for winning the womens’ World Twenty20 competition.

Pakistan’s heartwarming triumph comes despite the stupidity, insensitivity and general antics of the Pakistan Cricket Board, who are probably the most unfit for purpose of the national cricket boards.  Given how bad some of them are that really is an indictment of the PCB.

So let’s push Mr Insensitive, Ijaz Butt, out of the way and celebrate the mercurial Pakistan team.  I’ve always had a lot of time for Younus Khan as a player.  As a captain he’s managed to do what only Imran Khan did for Pakistan cricket and mould a team which won a major prize.  He has given Shahid Afridi back his confidence.  Afridi’s man of the match performances in the semi final and final show a cricketer who has matured.  He is a livewire, a match winner and cricket is the better for his presence.  Note also that no Pakistan player played in the recent IPL.  Does that tell us something?

Never doubt the talent that Pakistan has available.  Quite why Pakistan can produce 17 and 19 year old international cricketers who are ready for that level of cricket and England can’t I don’t know.  It’s a joy to watch.  Just think what Pakistan cricket could achieve if they had a sensible, well constructed administration overseeing the game.  Again we’ve seen excellent support for Pakistan, India and Bangladesh here.  If Pakistan isn’t to host home test matches, why not bring host them here in England?

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