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Month: March 2009

A Quarter Of All “Government” Databases Are Illegal

Of the 46 databases assessed in this report only six are given the green light. That is, only six are found to have a proper legal basis for any privacy intrusions and are proportionate and necessary in a democratic society. Nearly twice as many are almost certainly illegal under human rights or data protection law and should be scrapped or substantially redesigned, while the remaining 29 databases have significant problems and should be subject to an independent review.

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One More Step Along The Road To A Police State?

Those who imposed restrictions on their people in response to terrorist atrocities have failed. They have capitulated meekly and spinelessly to the terrorists. By changing the way you live you give the terrorists what they want. Has Britain forgotten the Spirit of the Blitz? Evidently so. A free society which changes the way it lives because of terrorists is no longer a free society.

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Should We Be Worried About Google Street View? Yes We Should

A quick look at Google Street view shows the house. OK, but the number plates of numerous vehicles parked on the drives of the houses along the street is also visible. That’s an easy way for a pissed off schoolkid to find out exactly where a teacher he doesn’t like or a classmate he doesn’t like lives…

How the hell am I supposed to explain the reason for the amendment (blur the number plate or photograph the place while she’s at work) and why it’s a threat to the privacy of my partner and her son in only 255 characters?

What a damn shame that Simon Davies didn’t do anything like this against Phorm. This is the same Simon Davies who is CEO of 80/20 Thinking, which organised an open meeting in April 2007 to discuss Phorm. I was there. The event was filmed. By a professional crew and by another attendee who posted his footage online. The professional footage is still “unavailable” at the time of writing this.

Where is that video footage Simon?

I’d hate to suggest that there’s a slight confusion over priorities here but that is my perception. Wiretap all internet connections and you are God’s noblest of creatures yet take photos of public areas and you’re Satan incarnate?

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“Government” Could Start Snooping Social Networks

The logical extension of this is that the “government” will impose a law (poorly drafted so as to criminalise as many people as it can) which requires all private messaging systems to keep full records of who said what to whom and when it was said. Naturally the “government” will require 24/7 access to these logs for its own, unaccountable use.

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