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Is Spinvox Doing A Phorm?

Beleaguered tech company Spinvox has had a rough time of it lately with questions being asked of its technology.  It responded to those concerns but questions still remained to be answered.  Techies are persistent people, especially when they think they smell a rat.  Just ask Kent Ertugrul and Phorm (share price currently down to 150p).

The Guardian reports that a dossier of claims about the management of Spinvox has been circulated to shareholders:

The claims – which have been documented across a number of websites – include bad leadership, poor management and irresponsible financial behaviour, though it is far from clear what the truth is. In the past, company boss Christina Domecq has accused disgruntled former employees of a sustained attack.

Now comes interesting news from the FT.  Spinvox has now put accountants, solicitors and a “reputation management” company on the case to investigate the claims and to “help manage the assault on the company’s image”.

Hmm… the last company I know of which was having problems (in this case because of illegal use of DPI technology* which caused a public backlash) was an outfit called Phorm.  We know where that ended up.

I’ve got a suggestion for Spinvox management.  Solicitors, accountants, PR people and (if you go that way) a smear campaign won’t restore your image anything like as well as being open and honest.  Something you might like to consider. You should take note of how the Phorm campaign ended up. Lack of transparency hasn’t helped Phorm, BT or the “government” in that particular mess.  I doubt it will help you either.

I’ll let The Guardian’s report conclude this entry:

While there’s little that’s transparent about the goings-on at Spinvox right now, it will be worth watching how far they take their smear claims: Phorm, the last company to try hitting back at its detractors, saw its own stroppy campaign backfire.

* Don’t bother trying to post spin in the comments claiming Webwise is legal.  I’ve challenged Kent Ertugrul and Phorm to publish a legal opinion backing Webwise’s legality and they haven’t.  Until I see and verify such an opinion then Webwise is illegal in my eyes.  And the EU’s as well.  Why else would they be taking legal action against the UK “government”?

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