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Gutless Cowardly Cabinet Office & “Government”

I make no apologies for the tone or content of this post.  The UK “government” has tried every tactic it can to hide its complicity in allowing Phorm to go unchallenged in its attempted and illegal use of Deep Packet Inspection technology to monitor users’ internet activity and fire adverts to them.

Freedom of Information requests from a variety of people to unveil the reality of what happened through the lies, obfuscation and spin from Phorm, BT and the “government” have only partially uncovered the truth.  There are still questions to be answered.

Perhaps those questions are hitting too close to home.  Perhaps someone high up may be embarrassed by the information these people are seeking.  Why else would the “government” hide behind Regulation 5 of the Freedom Of Information Act and refuse to answer any more questions about their involvement with Phorm?

I have no hesitation in publicly branding everyone involved in allowing that decision as gutless pathetic self-serving cowards of the most digusting kind.

I wonder if this is something else the European Commission will be investigating as part of their legal action against the UK “government”?

I wonder if it’s time for the tabloid newspapers to get involved?  There’s a story there.  Internet advertising company refuses to reveal its reasons for joining internet child protection council… Now why would that be? Surely if you are a member of a public servant organisation you should be transparent in your dealings and your conduct be beyond reproach…

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  1. Good stuff Jamie. I’m quite livid about this but it’s the first free time I’ve had this week and I’m taking it easy right now. We certainly ( we being nodpi and anyone concerned ) arrange to talk and come up with an adult way to get this exposed in a way that it creates public concern.

  2. High handed arrogance by the Cabinet Office concealing a frightened cowardly group of self serving individuals trying vainly to conceal the connections between this Government, Phorm and BT. Indicative of a government with no thought or respect for its citizens only its own loosening grip on power. This is tantamount to an admission of guilt by this shameful government.

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