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Royal Mail Fail. Again

It’s been six months or so since Royal Mail last fouled up so I guess I was due one.  However, this one was a considerably more serious foul up which warranted a formal complaint.  Recently MFL had cause to order something of a personal nature from someone of whom I am already a customer.  Neither of us had a problem with the package being sent out in my name.  We know and trust the company concerned.

Returning from a short trip out I noticed a package on one side of our doorstep.  Despite being clearly marked “PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL” in red lettering AND being a recorded delivery package for which a signature was required, the package had been left on the doorstep.

A visit to the Royal Mail website showed that one cannot actually submit a complaint via their website.  It isn’t rocket science to have a form to complete.  But no, to submit a complaint in writing you have to send a letter.  Or phone Royal Mail.  So once again I phoned Royal Mail.  Their answering system is still the same, saying you can do almost anything Royal Mail related from their website.  Except complain.

Eventually (12 minutes, better than BT, Virgin Media, HP and Dell in my considerable experience) I got through to an operative who was apologetic that correct procedure had not been followed.  Surely when something says “Private & Confidential” that means there is personal information inside and the letter needs to be handled with due care and attention?  When the sender has paid for a signature from the recipient surely the post person should ensure that obligation is fulfilled and obtain the signature?

Oddly I was asked for my phone number.  Given that they already have my address from the recorded delivery number I had given I was not sure why this was needed.  I’m still not sure.  I was given a complaint reference number but when I asked if I would receive an update from the Delivery Office responsible I was told that I would not.

So I will not get to know how this private and confidential package requiring recipient’s signature came to find itself on my doorstep.  I will not get to know whether or not action has been taken to ensure such an incident does not happen again.  That isn’t transparency and a commitment to improving customer service.

Royal Mail fail again.

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  1. The postman did foul up by leaving the package on the door step -it is against the rules. However, he was probably thinking that he was doing you a favour by leaving it – saving you the bother and hassle of having to arrange for it to be redlivered or going to collect it. Still, hee fouled up – I won’t argue with that.

    Secondly, the “Private & Confidential” doesn’t actually mean very much to us, I’ve seen it printed on the outside of letters informing people they’ve won lotteries in foreign countries! All it really means is “This letter should only be opened by the person it is addressed to.

    Finally, how would we have your address? The Recorded Delivery number can only be used to obtain the name & signature of the person who signed for it. At no time (either at posting or delivery) is the aaddress recorded anywhere. Even Special Delivery items which are tracked from posting to delivery don’t have the address recorded.

    Winston Smith (a ‘umble postman)

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