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Virgin Media Tells Customer “We’ve Dropped Phorm”

Interesting story on the PC Pro website this morning.

Virgin Media is writing to customers to tell them it has dropped controversial web advertising service Phorm – even though it hasn’t.

The letter goes on

“After much consideration, Virgin Media decided not signed up [sic] for Phorm because of amongst other things, the Webwise ad monitoring system,”

Read the rest of the story here, including a denial that this is the case from Virgin Media.  The full letter is promised in next week’s Micro Mart which goes on sale on 25th June.  In the meantime I’ve taken a screengrab of the PC Pro page for future reference.

Begs the question what is going on at Virgin Media these days?  When I fired them I got a couple of calls from “customer care” staff trying to spin the pro-Phorm line.  They were rebuffed and the callers educated into the whys and wherefores of Phorm from my perspective.

Here’s something I wrote in February.  It still holds true today:

My internet activity details are not for sale to anyone.  I and others feel the same way and we will continue to hammer home this message: in no way can I recommend Virgin Media to anyone.

I will not contemplate thinking about recommending them until they publicly reject Phorm and other DPI based schemes.

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