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Just a few thoughts about life, the universe and comfort food.

    Never argue with the driver
    When the driver politely asks you to stop doing Yoda satnav impersonations, it’s wiser to shut thy yap than be dumped somewhere on the M25

    Always view advertising with cynicism first
    Advertising is becoming pernicious and intrusive.  Keep your guard up against intrusive advertising. Once assessed, if there is something to enjoy then enjoy it.

    If an advert annoys you, stop buying the product
    I know people who left E-Sure when they started running the Michael Winner adverts.  I never buy Kinder Surprise (or any Kinder product) after having nightmares about that advert featuring the giant human/egg that committed seppuku by falling off a wall.  If you are a consumer of a product and you don’t like their advert, stop buying the product until they drop the advert.  Simples :)

    Always get confirmation of works to be done in writing
    Get things in writing should be a standard requirement.  Whether it’s a review (formal or informal), an agreed target or a full specification, get it in writing.   Know what is expected of you and the people you’re dealing with.

    People who are supporters of the TV Licence should spend a couple of years without television and BBC radio.
    They should look elsewhere for their news and entertainment.  It’s an enlightening experience.  There is more to life than the BBC.

    If a company you’re dealing with gets something right and deserves compliments for their performance then don’t be afraid to let them know about it. It helps companies improve if they know who is getting things right and where.

    If a company you’re dealing with gets something wrong, make sure you let them know about it.
    Sadly this seems to be something I’m doing more and more of.  Driven by desires to cut costs, corners are often cut which leave customers receiving poorer service than they deserve.  I’ve had several experiences which have now left me with a distrust of companies providing services.

    Never assume the toilet on a train will be in working order
    Not on SouthEastern trains anyway.  I speak from experience.

    Do you think that kids’ tv shows these days seem influenced by the ingestion of what Bill Hicks called “a heroic amount” of hallucinogenic drugs and that tv was better when you were young?
    Watch The Clangers for a while.
    It may change your opinion.

    Even garlic, wonderful though it is, has its limits on how much to use in a recipe
    Yes, there are people out there who don’t like garlic.

    Someone else getting hit in the privates is always funnier than when it happens to you
    There is a pattern of behaviour following being smacked amidships which I might talk about in another post.

    Never show disgust at someone’s choice of comfort food; they may well think worse of your own choice
    What’s wrong with mini turkey kievs and Super Noodles sandwiches? (That is a rhetorical question btw)

    Bob Willis in a pink & purple spangly jacket is very scary!
    Sorry Bob, but that jacket just isn’t you.  Can’t find the advert for Sky Sports’ Cricket AM on YouTube but be assured it doesn’t suit the former England captain and fast bowler (325 test wickets).

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