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E-mail To Orange Customer Services re: Twitter

Orange are now charging PAYG users 20p per text if they wish to text updates to Twitter. These messages used to come out of bundles or monthly allowances so were effectively free, providing you topped up appropriately. I have asked Orange to clarify the situation:

“Recently a decision appears to have been made to charge customers who send text messages to the 07624 801423 number used by Twitter the sum of 20 pence per text message.

Messages to this number (which appears to be a UK number as it starts with 07) were previously treated as text messages to any other UK based number and taken from my monthly allowance or bundle. In other words they were free providing I topped up appropriately.

Please can you explain why this decision has been taken? I would urge you to reconsider this decision as I will have no reluctance about moving to a provider who does not charge outrageously for sending texts to this or any other UK based (ie number starting with 07) number.

Please note that I will be posting your response in my weblog at

I look forward to your soonest response,

Please do not attempt to call me, I require a response in writing.”

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