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Dotcom Companies Consider Phorm Boycott

Regular readers will already know of the various campaigns and sites seeking to spread knowledge of the so-called “targeted advertising” product offered by Phorm.  Regular readers will also know my views about it and that despite challenges made to Phorm in various public forums, including on this blog, Phorm have still to prove the claims of Alexander Hanff and Dr Richard Clayton wrong.

In other words, Phorm’s Webwise “product” has yet to be proven legal.

Today’s Guardian reports that

Digital technology company Phorm is facing a major setback, with several of the world’s largest dotcom companies considering boycotting its controversial online advertising technology…

Phorm’s technology could falter without the involvement of the major dotcom brands as potential advertisers. Google is understood to be considering boycotting Phorm; a spokesman said a response to the Open Rights Group’s letter is expected in days.

A spokesperson for Bebo, meanwhile, said: “We have received the letter and are giving it careful consideration from privacy and business perspectives.”

Phorm can claim whatever it likes.  The arguments in the 2008 public meeting videos remain unanswered.

No legal opinion has been published by Phorm or its legal advisors rebutting those arguments.

Remember that Phorm is the company that likes to threaten people who copy and paste publicly available contact information into other forums.

The Crown Prosecution Service are still investigating a case against BT and Phorm for their unauthorised trials of the technology in 2006 and 2007.

To Kent Ertugrul and those who see us as an irritant and the sheeple who think this is all a fuss over nothing I’ve got a message for you:

We’re not going to give up until this fight is over.

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  1. Sue

    That’s good news! If anyone can win this one for us, it’s the big corporations like google.

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