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A Quarter Of All “Government” Databases Are Illegal

BBC reports that a report by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust claims that a quarter of all “government” databases are illegal and should be redesigned or scrapped.

The reports are interesting stuff which I will be reading over a hot cup of Assam tea during elevenses.  Let me quote from the report’s introduction:

Of the 46 databases assessed in this report only six are given the green light. That is, only six are found to have a proper legal basis for any privacy intrusions and are proportionate and necessary in a democratic society. Nearly twice as many are almost certainly illegal under human rights or data protection law and should be scrapped or substantially redesigned, while the remaining 29 databases have significant problems and should be subject to an independent review.

6 databases from 46 assessed.  That’s an abysmal pass rate.  29 databases with significant problems which leaves 11 identified as “almost certainly illegal”.

Given Jacqui Smith’s lack of response to comply with the recent European Court ruling that retaining DNA taken from people who are acquitted of crimes is illegal, what else do you expect from this “government”?

The Executive Summary (PDF file) can be found here.

The full report (PDF file) can be found here.

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