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Joseph H. Malley prepares for possible litigation against Phorm in the US

From NoDpi comes news that

The lawyer responsible for bringing a class action suit against NebuAd, for their trials with ISPs of Deep Packet Inspection as a mechanism for behavioural advertising – has issued a statement calling for US victims of the Phorm trials to come forward.  His intent is to gather evidence sufficient to initiate litigation against Phorm Inc. in the USA.

If you are a BT Internet customer who has had any contact over the internet with anyone in the United States for any reason, please go to NoDPI and read the release because this affects you and the person(s) you had contact with.  Their privacy is believed to have been illegally intercepted.

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    • Jamie Jamie

      Thank you! Just doing my bit to try and keep the net free from unwarranted interception.

      I wish you success in your litigation.


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