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UK “Government” Plans To Keep Illegally Retained DNA Samples

Despite the ruling of the European Court that retaining DNA taken from people who are not convicted of any crimes is illegal, today’s Guardian reveals that

The government is planning to get around a European court ruling that condemned Britain’s retention of the DNA profiles of more than 800,000 innocent people by keeping the original samples used to create the database

Yet another reason why this “government” is not fit for the purpose of governing a democracy.  Yet again we see Jacqui Smith determined to drive through this “government’s” vision of Gordongrad.

Home Office sources said the government, which was given three months to respond to the ruling, has “no plans” to destroy samples of DNA. The revelation raises questions about the extent of the government’s response to the court’s findings and prompted fresh criticism last night of its “surveillance state” ambitions.

Still thinking of voting Labour now?

Let me remind you:

In the eyes of this Labour “government” we are all criminals, they just haven’t yet written a law to criminalise what we do.  They will soon enough if given a chance.

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