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Phorm: Time For Action

BT’s third test of the invasive Phorm “product” – the first it has publicly announced, the other two being kept secret and done with no user consent – begins today.

This comes on the back of the Metropolitan Police deciding to drop its probe into the BT and Phorm testing. You know, the one which had no user consent and which was a breach of law as explained here. Chris Williams gives his usual excellent analysis and deconstruction of plod’s pathetic excuse. The comments page afterwards is also worth a read.

I urge anyone using BT as their Internet Service Provider to demand a MAC code from them and change to an ISP who cares about user privacy. Changing ISPs was easy to do; the most annoying part of the process was telling Virgin Media staff repeatedly that I don’t want an ISP associated with Phorm.

When time allows I will be putting in place an elegant block on BT Internet visitors to my sites.

New to the Phorm discussions? Alex Hanff’s NoDPI website is a great place to start, as is – each of those sites has links to others discussing the Phorm issue.

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