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Labour’s Failure & Jamie’s IPBill Consultation Response

Labour’s failure (at least the one I’m thinking of) goes back years.

It was Labour who did nothing about the illegal Phorm/BT mass interception of internet users’ traffic and so allowed mass interception to be brought into the mainstream of UK politics.

Labour Deputy Leader is Tom Watson, the same man who chaired a House of Commons meeting on the subject of illegal and excessive monitoring and surveillance. He is a man who knows more about internet issues than most MPs. He is a man ideally placed to tear Theresa May’s abysmal performance in the recent IPBill committee hearings to shreds.

Yet Tom Watson’s silence on the issue is deafening. Where is he? Why is he so quiet?  This is an ideal opportunity to reposition Labour from the party that didn’t give a stuff about personal privacy and state intrusion into lives to the party that kicked the Conservatives’ smug backsides. And they’ve well and truly blown it.

Cries of “not his portfolio” are meaningless. The Home Secretary is a senior figure in the government and it needs a knowledgeable senior opposition spokesman to deliver the kicking so desperately deserved. It certainly won’t be the Shadow Home Secretary, that serial idiot Andy Burnham. He wanted to censor the internet and implement a pie in the sky rating system.

For the record, my submission to the IPBill consultation can be found here. Submissions are being posted weekly so the full list will grow. The document was the second version after I was (politely) requested to remove the words “retarded” and “imbecilic” from the final paragraph. It goes without saying that I was not positive about the IPBill proposals.

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