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Let’s Put Things Into Context

Looks like I’m feeling a bit political this morning.  The government’s evasive response to the European Commission over Phorm and BT’s secret testing has really annoyed me.  A while back I came across this blog entry at Diesel Sweeties.

R Stevens has created a t-shirt (I have a few of his other designs and they are excellent, btw) which says of Barack Obama “Dare to hope. Prepare to be disappointed”.  It’s not an anti Obama shirt, despite the claims of some who think it is.  It is a realist’s view of things.  Get with it people.

I commented on the entry and reproduce it here, with additional notations in square brackets and spelling mistakes corrected.  This was written in July:

“Speaking as a Brit, I can understand the sentiment expressed in the t-shirt. Back in the 1990s when the Conservative government imploded, Tony Blair and “New Labour” came along and appeared to offer a better way for politics and the people to move forward. [And a majority of people bought and have continued to buy into that “offer”]

Move forward to 2008 and what do we have? A surveillance society of which Stalin [and Heydrich and Honecker] would be proud, which daily kills off more of our civil liberties [see previous entry here]. A government intent on criminalising everything its leaders dislike [3600 new offences since coming to power] without doing anything positive about the major issues in the country. A government which taxes the b*ll*cks off anyone it can. A leader who lied about Iraq’s WMDs and took this country into war on the basis of questionable evidence. Now we have an unelected leader who couldn’t inspire urine to drop into his toilet and who blames anything and everything else he can think of for the problems of the country.

All those people who thought there was new hope were wrong. Britain is no longer a green and pleasant land. [A Polish friend who lived during the Communist times is appalled at what this government is doing in the name of “protecting children and the state”]

That is disappointment: A new leader came along with the song “things can only get better”. But his legacy is not one of improvement. It is one of lies, control freakery, taxes imposed, more offences created yet people not feeling safer in their homes or on the streets.

For whatever reason there is disappointment and resentment at what this “New look” political party has done in government.

That’s what this t-shirt is about to me. Rave and wear whatever t-shirts you want. That doesn’t win elections. People need to vote and engage with the political process continually to get anything like progress, whichever side of the political spectrum you are on.

I’m just an outsider. Believe me, in Britain we know about disappointment in our politicians.”

At the next General Election people will look for a change of government and be desperately hoping the damage done by “New Labour” can be undone.  I know that I, my partner and my family will be voting for a change of government.

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