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Is Music Replacing Religion?

Interesting question and one which the University of Leicester’s Clive Marsh asks:

I am gathering data about people’s music-listening habits. We are seeking to discover the predominant ways in which people listen to music at present (CD? MP3 players? Radio?), whether this is supported by attention to music fan-sites and/or reading about music and artists, and how their music listening fits into their life as a whole.

The passing of the Digital Economy Bill may well have an impact on the answers he will get.  I have mentioned it.

Clive’s question and survey got me thinking again about how important music is in my life.  Had it not been for a mix tape of Iron Maiden thrown in my direction by a friend I doubt that I would have bought the CDs, gig tickets, videos, DVDs, t-shirts and other merchandise that I did.

Home taping didn’t kill music, that tape added a new aspect to it.  This was before the internet came into common use, before radio stations like Planet Rock, when there was only Kerrang! (back in the days when it was good) and rock music and heavy metal were seen as not something normal people listen to.  Now we have Planet Rock, Classic Rock Magazine and a myriad of fan sites carrying news, reviews, photos and video.  Now people can learn more about the musicians and bands they like in a way that was unheard of fifteen years ago.

The internet has given artists a way of distributing their work which all but negates the record companies.  That name, record company, is in itself an anachronism.  The record companies are scared stiff of these developments and have used their lobbying of ignorant politicians to get poor law passed.  It is now up to us to educate the politicians and get that law changed to something better.

Clive’s survey is on his website until April 16th and should be returned to him by April 30th.  All the details are on his Leicester University page.  I’ve completed it and look forward to seeing the results.

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