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Adam Liversage & Copyright

Hat tip to Rev Dan Catt for this one.

Is the BPI’s Communications Director Adam Liversage advocating copyright infringement?

Hang on, wasn’t BT’s illegal use of Phorm infringing the copyright of website owners?

As the Rev says, “Copyright is hard”

Don’t forget Liversage’s track record


Liversage protests his innocence saying that it was a joke.  Really?  So he’s a comedian as well?

I saw no humour at all in his comment.  Neither did a lot of other people.

Stick to the day job.  Your track record speaks for itself.

Here are a few jokes for you:

The BPI writing government policy.  Your arrogant comment about whisky. BT’s use of illegal interception and trying to deny that it happened.

Like I say, your track record speaks for itself.

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