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Annual LGA Jargon List

In what looks like becoming an annual thing, the Local Government Association has published its list of 250 words that it thinks the public sector should not use.  I would go further and say they are words that people should never use in a professional environment.

I say it looks like becoming an annual thing because the LGA did something similar around this time last year.  I wrote about it here.

For reference/pinning up on noticeboards/leaving on managers’ and executives’ desks the LGA have published the list as a PDF file.

My own thoughts on this list haven’t changed from when I first wrote about it last year.

I’d like to see red and yellow cards in use around offices for when people overdo the jargon.  I was discussing this at a hostelry when someone suggested that the punishment for a red card should be a ballgag, locked in place for a few hours.

That would shut the Jockstrap brigade up!

What does this list tell us?  Cut out the garbage, cut out the bulldust and use simple English.

It’s not rocket science.

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