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You’ve Got To Laugh Haven’t You?

No you haven’t.  Not this time.

I’ve written before about recruitment agencies, their many flaws and questionable manners but this one takes the lamb kebab.

Recently I was sent on a two week course of which only one afternoon taught me anything of use.  Exceptionally poor (I’d say it was unprofessional) IT provision didn’t help a course that was as demotivating as anything I’ve ever experienced.  However, the course provider had a dedicated recruitment department and I made sure to take time out and touch base with them.

Regular readers may be ahead of me here but please be patient, this one is a real belter…

It’s fair to say I’m not an average guy.  That (and my blonde hair) was what made me stand out in my last job.  So I went out of my way to sit down and discuss things with the recruitment folk.  No point their wasting time looking for jobs that aren’t appropriate for me.

Because of a couple of relatively minor health issues I don’t drive.  If I could I’d probably be a service engineer or roaming troubleshooter.  Chatted about a few other things and followed it up with my CV and reminder of what we’d discussed.

As expected, despite promptings I haven’t heard much from them apart from the usual placatories about employers not getting back to them.

Until an e-mail a few days ago.  Addressed directly to me.  The subject took me by surprise because of the discussions I’d had with the recruitment team.

Trainee Bus Driver.

That’s right.  Me who is medically unfit to drive and has clearly said so to them verbally and in writing.  Am I interested in being a trainee bus driver?

Excuse me? Did what I tell you get through?  Are you taking the mickey?

All the pejoratives I have ever heard about the recruitment sector have been hugely reinforced.

Not once have I received anything from a UK based recruitment agency to disprove anything I have written here.  There’s more chance of my opening the batting for Pakistan…

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