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Ian Livingston The Hypocrite

I find it ironic that Ian Livingston, CEO of BT, has come out against the Digital Economy Bill claiming that it is “against natural justice”.

This is the same Ian Livingston who was the senior executive directly responsible for BT’s secret and illegal testing of Phorm’s technology.

This is the same Ian Livingston who claims to operate ethically and within the law.  Tell me Mr Livingston, how does Phorm’s technology – the technology you authorised – operate within the law?  Nobody knows because nobody – not Phorm, not BT, not Virgin Media – has published a legal opinion confirming that it does.

This is the same Ian Livingston who has yet to come forward and admit BT’s testing of Phorm was illegal to a court of law.

And he has the gall to talk of natural justice?

Hypocrisy of the worst kind.

Natural justice involves Mr Livingston facing charges with the other BT & Phorm excutives in a Court of Law over their involvement with the illegal interception of thousands of peoples’ internet traffic.

That’s natural justice Mr Livingston.

You still have a case to answer.  Or do your ethical standards conveniently ignore the things you did before you became BT Group CEO?

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