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Vote For Change Or Vote For Gordongrad

With rumours abounding of when a General Election might be called it seems a good time to present a few salient facts about this “government”.  Regular readers will already know the kind of things I’m going to say.

The current “government” is unacceptable.  A Prime Minister the people did not vote for, seemingly given the position on the basis of some Hansie Cronje-like match fixing agreement.  Utterly distasteful and disrespectful.  It has its fair share of ministers and MPs who completely lack Clue.  Stephen Pound, Jack Straw, Ed Balls, Andy Burnham and Hazel Blears being examples of this stupidity.  Jacqui Smith’s replacement, Alan Johnson, isn’t much better either. Trying to spin the party line he ducks the facts about Gordongrad, formerly known as Broken Britain.

Then there’s Mandelson.  It’s quite ironic that Mandelson is an Anglicisation of the Mendelssohn family name (a large number of whom fled the totalitarian state of Nazi Germany) when he is helping to impose a totalitarian state in this country.  Not only did the “government” refuse to enforce the law over BT’s use of Phorm’s illegal surveillance technology, Mandelson is now driving the Digital Economy Bill through the Commons which will allow sanctions against people purely on the basis of allegations rather than evidence.  That is the act of a totalitarian state.  Quite why any internet user would vote Labour after its complicity in the Phorm case I don’t know.

The expansion of CCTV and the Interception Modernisation Programme have done little to prove me and the many others protesting against what I have called the surveillance state of Gordongrad wrong.  The Big Brother state is expanding.  Some of us have noticed and speak out about it.  Quite why others have not is something of a mystery to me.

This is a “government” which despises the expression of free speech and the rightful challenge of ill-considered laws.  Take the continued harassment of photographers as a prime example.  Public servants should be accountable to the public they serve, not treating them like terrorists.  Anyone who questions or challenges the performance and failures of this “government” is seen as a menace, a public enemy.  Baseless slurs and smear campaigns are one modus operandi of this “government” in its campaign to silence its critics. Government through fear is a typical tactic from power crazed “governments”.  Trying to get people to report their neighbours as terrorists just because they carry a backpack, use two mobile phones or have used bottles of hair dye in their garbage is really quite pathetic.

I’m sure that once the election date is announced we can expect New Labour, its quangos and cronies to try and paint a fantasy picture of life in Britain today.  I know a teacher who, just a couple of hours ago was threatened with physical violence yet again.  Will that chavscum be removed, suspended or expelled?  When I was at school the answer would be yes to the last option.  In Gordongrad the answer is no to all of them.  Gordongrad has created an entire generation who have no concept of responsibility and work.  A sense of entitlement is all they have, which descends to violence when they are told “no”.

New in the blogroll is A Future Fair For All, a blog which documents the many other failures of this “government” using its campaign slogan.  And be sure there are a lot more than those I mention here.  I do not believe New Labour can truly deliver “A Future Fair For All” because they do not have the desire to do so.  New Labour stands for control freakery of the worst kind.  New Labour is the enemy of a free, open society.

A vote for Labour is a vote for the expansion of Gordongrad.  A state where you have no right to privacy and no right to protect yourself or property.  Where every journey you make, every website you visit and every communication you make is recorded and stored for evidence.  Where you MUST register for and carry at all times an ID card.  Where you are not allowed to question authority or law enforcement.  Where government decides and approves everything that is taught in schools so that it can produce an assembly line of happily programmed little drones.

Some time back I saw a badge saying “New Is To Labour As National Is To Socialism”.  Strong stuff it may be but it sure was prescient.  Remembering it inspired me to write an entry with the same title.  While we’re here, if you’re a new reader here please take a moment to read my brief review of 2009.

In just a few weeks you will have the opportunity to vote in a crucial General Election.  It will be crucial because it will determine where Britain goes: down the plughole or towards recovery.  You can vote for the expansion of Gordongrad and the loss of your freedoms or you can vote for change.  I’m voting for change.

It is time to reject the interfering bloatedness of New Labour.  The New Labour project is a failure.  It should be terminated.

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