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BT Could Face Criminal Case Over Phorm Trials

Reports Chris Williams at The Register.

This is good news and something I have been saying for a long time now:there needs to be a full legal reckoning with the BT and Phorm executives responsible for these breaches of the law held to account.  In court.

Chris’ report has a very brief summary of the Phorm case for anyone who is new to the story.  My own entries go back as far as March 2008 and highlight the various illegalities, lack of ethics, lack of open discussion by Phorm, BT & Virgin Media (who I fired), rejections of Phorm by high profile organisations and more besides.

One interesting point here is that Ian Livingston (now BT Group CEO) was the senior executive directly responsible for the illegal and secret Phorm trials.  This is the same Ian Livingston whose name appears after a piece of spin entitled “The Way We Work”.  I cannot equate the illegal use of Phorm’s technology with behaving openly, ethically and in line with the law. UK and EU law has been broken here.  How is that ethical?

It isn’t.

I would love to see the BT management responsible for these breaches of UK and EU law in court for a full trial.  I contend that Mr Livingston’s talk about ethics and integrity are meritless spin and deserve to be exposed as such in court.

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