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Month: March 2010

Delroy Smellie Verdict

Judging by the various comments on the Twitter hashtag #Smellie I’m not the only one who is less than impressed with the not guilty verdict handed down by District Judge Daphne Wickham.

Quite what signal this sends to the Police I am not sure.  Whatever it may be I doubt it’s a good one.  It appears to legitimise coppers belting people with batons because that doesn’t count as assault.  I know what signal it sends to the public: police can belt you with their batons and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it because you don’t matter.

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Some People Just Don’t Learn: Crazy Domains

Australian domain company Crazy Domains recently ran a tasteless television advert that attracted the ire of some Australian women.  One of them did what many internet users do and blogged about it.  So offended was she that one or two bad words came out in her blog entry.

Just like what happened elsewhere with Phorm, Paperchase, Jan Moir, Nestle et al, she urged friends to look at the advert and, if they felt as she did to complain to the Advertising Standards Bureau.

I’m led to believe that a few of Logansrogue’s friends did indeed complain to the ASB.  As is their right to do so.  The ASB judged the advert and ordered its suspension.  The Crazy Domains MD, one Gavin Collins, wasn’t happy with the judgement and filed an appeal.

OK, nothing too out of the ordinary there you might think.  Companies often disagree with organisations like the ASB ands the UK’s own ASA (of whom I have a very low opinion, but that’s a different story).

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You’ve Got To Laugh Haven’t You?

No you haven’t.  Not this time.

I’ve written before about recruitment agencies, their many flaws and questionable manners but this one takes the lamb kebab.

Recently I was sent on a two week course of which only one afternoon taught me anything of use.  Exceptionally poor (I’d say it was unprofessional) IT provision didn’t help a course that was as demotivating as anything I’ve ever experienced.  However, the course provider had a dedicated recruitment department and I made sure to take time out and touch base with them.

Regular readers may be ahead of me here but please be patient, this one is a real belter…

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