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Month: September 2009

Party Politics & Phorm

Gordon Brown’s performance in this morning’s interview with Andrew Marr was pathetic beyond description.  It shows a man losing his grip on power and trying to convince himself, his cabinet, his party and everyone else that things aren’t as bad as they seem to be.  When he started to talk about fairness and responsibility I nearly choked on my tea.

His is the “government” which has done nothing to prevent the illegal interception – without the customer’s knowledge and without due judicial process – of thousands of peoples’ internet communications data by BT and Phorm.  Some would say his government is complicit.  Others might say they are collaborators.  Either way it is his government, civil service, watchdogs, Police and CPS that offered no obstacle to BT and Phorm and refused to enforce the law.

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Phorm Interim Results: Another Large Loss

It reminds me of the Iraqi Information Minister in its optimism in the face of people realising the truth about Phorm. Nowhere in that statement does the word “legal” feature. As in “Our product is legal and here is the verifiable opinion confirming that”. Maybe the AGM will be the place where Kent comes out and finally answers this simple yet basic question.

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Phorm Results On Monday, Ex-BT Tech Chief Quits

Chris Williams reports on El Reg that Stratis Scleparis, the former BT Retail CTO who jumped ship to Phorm in 2007 after BT’s secret tests of Phorm’s technology in 2006, has now quit the contraversial company. BT claimed that their testing of Phorm’s technology wasn’t illegal here and their statement didn’t answer questions about the role of Scleparis. Make of that what you will.

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