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Month: August 2009

When Humour Misfires Apologise Properly!

When humour is your profession of some years there are a few things you really should have sorted out and clear in your mind.  When you have national exposure those things should be second nature to you.

You should be aware of your style and the language you use.  That should be true for all bloggers as well but I think it’s fair to say that more people read the article to which I allude here than VFPJ.

You should be aware of your limits within your style.  Subjects you want to stay clear of, words and phrases you don’t want to use and jokes that didn’t work previously.  I say within your style.  I can’t imagine Ken Dodd making jokes about Josef Fritzl. On the other hand Frankie Boyle does.  I have laughed at material from both gentlemen but I wouldn’t expect to see them on the same bill.

Then there is the difference between stand up presentation, where body posture, tone of voice and facial expression are all readable by the audience) and written word presentation, where none of these are completely obvious unless you have seen or heard the writer in person.  In this case the writer may need the help of an experienced editor to review what has been written before approving it for publication.  The audience you are writing for may not be one you know all that well.  Especially when you publish something online.

If humour is your profession you will no doubt know all of this.

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Phorm Shares Drop At OFT Investigation News

I have openly challenged Kent Ertugrul, Phorm CEO to publish a verifiable legal opinion confirming his product’s compliance with UK and EU law. Over a year later I am still waiting for his response. I have written a lot about Phorm here. And will continue to.

Phorm’s share price has fallen from 3505p on February 25th 2008 to 98p at end of business today.

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