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Month: September 2008

Phorm: Time For Action

BT’s third test of the invasive Phorm “product” – the first it has publicly announced, the other two being kept secret and done with no user consent – begins today. I urge anyone using BT as their Internet Service Provider to demand a MAC code from them and change to an ISP who cares about user privacy.

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Let’s Put Things Into Context

Looks like I’m feeling a bit political this morning.  The government’s evasive response to the European Commission over Phorm and BT’s secret testing has really annoyed me.  A while back I came across this blog entry at Diesel Sweeties.

R Stevens has created a t-shirt (I have a few of his other designs and they are excellent, btw) which says of Barack Obama “Dare to hope. Prepare to be disappointed”.  It’s not an anti Obama shirt, despite the claims of some who think it is.  It is a realist’s view of things.  Get with it people.

I commented on the entry and reproduce it here, with additional notations in square brackets and spelling mistakes corrected.  This was written in July:

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