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Month: August 2008

Whither Pakistan Cricket?

The resignation of Pakistan’s President Musharraf from office was followed by the resignation of the head of the Pakistan Cricket Boad, Dr Nasim Ashraf.  Kamran Abassi offers a critical assessment of his time in office in his Pak Spin blog. The next question is who will replace him, what will he do to improve Pakistan’s cricket and will that be enough?

Good question but I think the answer is more than just a new administrator replacing an old one.

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Cricket Musings

Got the chance to watch some highlights of the last test match against South Africa, which England won.  It was somehow inevitable that Kevin Pietersen scored a hundred (*makes mental note: next time put a bet on*) and that the England team would be buzzed and motivated by his promotion to the England captaincy.  What did come as a surprise to me was Steve Harmison’s performance.  More of that anon.

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Twitter Cans UK SMS

Twitter has suddenly canned its “UK” based SMS number thus cutting off its UK and many international users from receiving updates. This story is now getting wider coverage as the day goes on.  TechCrunch has a good report on it.  Hardly surprising that a lot of UK and Australian Twitter users in particular are not impressed.

This isn’t the first time Twitter has hit issues with its “UK” based SMS number (more of that anon) and it has had plenty of performance hits and downtime issues. Diesel Sweeties recently produced a comic strip reflecting this (slightly NSFW).

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