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Category: lack of Clue

Government Ignorance, Technical Illiteracy & Control Freakery

David Cameron has proven himself to be as useless and pathetic a Prime Minister as Gordon Brown was.  Politicians govern in ignorance; it is their duty to make sure they get the best advice from the best advisors.  So one could possibly understand (if not forgive) Cameron’s ignorance.  But to choose the technically illiterate Claire Perry as his internet advisor is beyond ignorant, beyond stupid and almost beyond non-offensive pejoratives.

Cameron and Perry are using the emotive phrase “think of the children” and the guise of blocking child pornography to rail through the kind of censorship that would not be out of place in China.  It was typical politician soundbite without thinking through what was said: “One click to protect your whole home and keep your children safe”.  An impossible claim.  One which, if he didn’t already know it, his advisors should have told him it was impossible.

This isn’t about porn.  It’s about control freakery and censorship.  Porn is merely the paint job on this wagon of control freakery and censorship.

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Barbara Hewson: Bringing Negative Publicity To Her Employer?

In the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile revelations and the recent guilty plea by Stuart Hall to charges of indecent assault (including a 9 year old girl) there are many questions facing the BBC.  Many who grew up during that time may now be asking themselves who wasn’t involved in such vile conduct.  That Savile did not face trial for his conduct must be distressing for his victims.  Hall will be sentenced soon; anything less that a custodial sentence will surely cause outrage.  Matthew Norman in the Telegraph writes a balanced piece on why, despite his age, Hall must go to prison. I am on record as saying that the law must be enforced where it has been broken, as it usually seems to be.

Therefore it was extremely disturbing to read Barbara Hewson’s comments on Spiked Online which were reported by a number of news websites.  To say they were ill-considered and offensive is putting it mildly.

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The Final Chapter Of Andrew Crossley? Suspended For 2 Years

Today saw the disgraced, discredited bully Andrew Crossley up before the Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal on 7 charges relating to ACS:Law’s (his former company, since shut down) harassment of alleged file-sharers.  ISPreview’s commentary on proceedings is worth reading, particularly the section dealing with how, even though declared bankrupt, Crossley still lives the high life.  Crossley has also still to pay the fine levied on him by the ICO.

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