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Barbara Hewson: Bringing Negative Publicity To Her Employer?

In the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile revelations and the recent guilty plea by Stuart Hall to charges of indecent assault (including a 9 year old girl) there are many questions facing the BBC.  Many who grew up during that time may now be asking themselves who wasn’t involved in such vile conduct.  That Savile did not face trial for his conduct must be distressing for his victims.  Hall will be sentenced soon; anything less that a custodial sentence will surely cause outrage.  Matthew Norman in the Telegraph writes a balanced piece on why, despite his age, Hall must go to prison. I am on record as saying that the law must be enforced where it has been broken, as it usually seems to be.

Therefore it was extremely disturbing to read Barbara Hewson’s comments on Spiked Online which were reported by a number of news websites.  To say they were ill-considered and offensive is putting it mildly.

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Beware The Geeks

The British Chiropractic Association’s decision to throw in the towel against Simon Singh has continued the debate about the need for libel reform.  What the events leading up to this capitulation also show is the increasing resolve and influence of those who are online.  The geeks, if you will.

Nick Cohen’s piece on the Guardian website, “Now charlatans will know to beware the geeks” is interesting stuff, telling how the author attended a gathering in support of Simon Singh…

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Paperchase & The Increasing Voice of Social Media

Paperchase have finally come clean.

And not before time.  I’ve already said that this was an issue which they could and should have handled much better.  CEO Timothy Melgund’s apology falls short of what I believe is in order, namely a full apology for and retraction of his comments to the newspapers about Twitter and its user community, but it is at least an acceptance that Paperchase did not handle the situation at all well.

Hidden Eloise writes some Final Advice To Paperchase which includes the following:

“Here is what I propose instead to Paperchase.
  1. Make a clean and public apology for the bad research that led you to the conclusion that no copying was ever done.
  2. Acknowledge publicly that the plagiarism was real and my allegations correct.
  3. Retract publicly the damaging comments you made regarding me and all the Twitter users.
  4. Put the infringing items back on sale and give all profits from this range of products to a charity of my choice, supporting something that we both hold dearly: independent artists.”

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