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Schoolboy Smear Tactics In The News

During my career I have encountered some truly amazing people.  People whose very presence motivates and inspires those around them to perform better, people you think “Whatever happens I must keep in contact with this person, they are a positive force in lives”.  Such people are rarer than you might think.

I have also encountered plenty of people who, in common parlance, “rock”.  This isn’t just to do with the tunes they can get out of musical instruments, it’s about their outlook on life, their sense of humour, their friendship, loyalty and conduct.

Then there are the people I dislike.  Just because I do not care for someone’s attitude or way of doing things doesn’t mean I cannot work for or with them.  This is (at the moment) a free country and we are all entitled to our own beliefs and opinions; life would be so very boring if we were all the same.  I’m sure there will be many who will look at my Top 100 Songs Of All Time and disagree with my choices, for whatever reason.  Some might go off me completely.  The idea that one has to like everyone with whom one works is a nice utopia but often little more than that.  Some of my best results have come when working with people whose methods I disliked.  That’s what being a professional is all about.  One does not have to like someone in order to work well with them.

“Jamie, how does this fit in with the title?” I hear you ask.

Well now, when the pressure’s on and deadlines are looming, when the kit’s playing up and the inspectors are coming, that’s when some people start to get a little worried.  Some people get more than just a little worried, they get abusive and unpleasant.  Some of them even try to carry that into a wider audience.  That’s where my little black book comes in useful.  That log I keep of who does and says what in such situations.  After all, if the customer perceives that the excrement is about to hit the air conditioning device you need to be clear and logical.  Especially if the customer is the kind of person to try and place blame.

Yesterday’s posting wasn’t the only reporting of Phorm’s wannabe smear campaign website.  Here are a few links and quotes from those reports.  I’ve emphasised a few parts for you and recommend that you go to the sites and read these articles in full.

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A Few Facts About Phorm For Newcomers

I went to bed last night doubting my own senses.  This doesn’t happen often but when I read late last night that Phorm seem to think that complaining to Proctor & Gamble about nappies is evil I really did wonder if someone had slipped something into the water supply.

A refreshing night’s sleep later and I find that it wasn’t tiredness or anything illicitly deposited in the water supply.  Phorm do genuinely think that complaining about nappies is a sign of evil.  In a move that’s more suited to teenage bitching and whining on MySpace, Phorm have created an anti-anti-Phorm site.

But guess what?  It’s a bit light on actual fact regarding some real issues.  Here’s a brief summary of real facts for people new to the debate.  I’ve tried to keep this as techie free as possible.  The links will explain in more detail.

Before you read on, please bear in mind two things:

One:  References are included here for you to verify quotes and sources.  These are facts, not some schoolboy smear campaign.

Two: There is no such thing as truly anonymous internet tracking data. You can be identified from internet tracking data, even if it is claimed to be anonymous.

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