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Home Office RIPA Consultation – Inept? Incompetent? Can’t Be Arsed?

Like that fart you work your cheeks to get out silently so your grandparents don’t chastise you for breaking wind, the Home Office have snook out a consultation paper on amendments to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA).

You know, the one BT and Phorm violated multiple times in their secret and illegal tests.

You know, the one the Metropolitan Police were too thick to understand.

You know, the one the Crown Prosecution Service don’t seem to comprehend either.  How many days is it now? 765?

Deadline for consultation responses is 7th December.  It wasn’t put on the public consultations page until today.

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Phorm PR Contact

Who’d have thought it? My first blog related e-mail coming not phrom an annoyed Shoaib Akhtar supporter but phrom Phorm’s PR people. Well, one of the PR companies Phorm has employed. Either I’m getting lots of pingbacks and links or someone went hunting for blogs mentioning Phorm, found mine and thought “Let’s e-mail Jamie!”.

Matters Phorm-related have kept appearing in the news since my post on 2nd April. There’s a phull round-up on The Register’s Phorm page and I’ll add the various campaigning sites and forums I’ve seen to my blogroll.

I’ve done a lot of reading about Phorm over the last phew days and I think it’s starting to show in my writing!

Some analysis follows along with the e-mail correspondence.

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BT And Phorm Secretly Tracked 18,000 Customers In 2006

Readers may remember I’ve written about Phorm previously and how this company has signed agreements with 3 major UK ISPs to use customers’ web browsing activity for targeted advertising purposes. There are a number of people who believe that, as presented, the use of customers’ data in this way breaches the Data Protection Act and RIPA legislation. There are a number of people who challenge Phorm’s claims that their system takes no personally identifiable data.

The Register has already pressured BT into admitting that it lied when questioned over what seemed to be unusual activity encountered by users.

Now The Register has seen documents which confirm that a secret trial of the Phorm technology took place without customers’ consent between 23rd September 2006 and 6th Otober 2006.

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