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UK Now On Final Notice Over Phorm

Phorm and the UK “government” might just come to realise that the backlash against internet snooping and illegal DPI based advertising is a serious one.

The EU has announced that it is moving to the second phase of its proceedings against the UK government over its failure to enforce laws protecting internet users’ privacy.

Nazi war criminals are still prosecuted for their crimes from years ago. Other criminals are prosecuted for their crimes in previous years. Why shouldn’t those involved in allowing these crimes to happen face judicial process?

Those involved in the collaboration with BT and Phorm, whoever they are, whatever their status and regardless of for whom they were working must face the courts.

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Nationwide Opt-Out Of Phorm

We have had discussions with our online advertising agency on Phorm and as a result of this review we have decided to contact Phorm and ask them not to scan the Nationwide website. Investigating the service that they are looking to offer, we do not see the benefit to our customers or to us of allowing them to scan the Nationwide website in this way.

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My Challenge To Phorm Repeated

More grandiose claims from Phorm, this time from Phorm’s financial, strategic and policy development officer, Sarah Simon.

Has Ms Simon seen the videos of the 2008 town hall meeting? You know, the one of which “official” footage has never emerged. Was that because the footage shown there was unedited and thus threw a spanner into any ideas of providing an “edited” version?

Is Ms Simon aware of the legal arguments about Phorm’s technology which have resulted in the campaigns we now see and the EU taking legal action against the UK “government”? Has Ms Simon seen a qualified legal opinion saying that WebWise is compliant with all UK and EU law?

If she has then she must be a very very very privileged person indeed. I have openly challenged Kent Ertugrul, Phorm and pro-Phormers to produce a verifiable legal opinion for over a year now. Phorm’s PR people know my contact details yet I have never received any such communication from them.

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