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Expensing Church Donations?

Julie Kirkbride has announced that she is standing down. So has Elliott Morley (How do you forget that you’ve paid off a mortgage?), and Margaret Moran (stand down or face an angry Esther Rantzen at the next election). At the risk of sounding like a punmeister there are serious questions over Cash (Yes, it’s a cheap gag because my teacup is empty). Please can we see Ed Balls given the same inquisitorial treatment?

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Professional Standards & Ethics

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks during which my desire to accept that people generally act honourably and to the highest professional standards has taken some big hits. At heart I’m an old fashioned kind of guy and really want to believe that people will do their jobs properly and behave to a high professional standard without my having to get involved. Sadly it seems that more often I have to push, press and get involved to ensure that actually happens.

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Out Of Touch Now, Out Of Office Soon?

Excuse me? MPs are public servants. It is citizens’ taxes that pay their salaries and expenses. Citizens have every right to hold their MPs completely accountable. It’s unfortunate that this whole issue has had to be exposed by a newspaper but it has been and rightly so. This is not demolishing democracy, it is exposing wastefulness and questionable judgement on the part of some MPs. You are all being held to account. Maybe that’s what you don’t like. If you are a public servant then you must be completely accountable for your dealings in the carrying out of your duties as a public servant.

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MPs’ Expenses And A Question For Hazel Blears

I’ve written about how my work expense claims were checked and dealt with and how I see professional standards as important. Arguments that claims were “not breaking the rules” don’t really cut the mustard. There is also a requirement of MPs (and anyone in professional life) to act ethically and in the spirit of the highest standards of conduct. Just because you didn’t break the rules doesn’t mean you didn’t drive a cart and horses through the spirit of those rules. Ultimately this whole issue shows a seedier side to Parliament and taints those MPs and prospective MPs who are completely honest and transparent in their affairs. Politics itself has been tainted by this issue. There will be many now who won’t engage with the political system because “they’re all as bad as each other”.

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