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UK Voted For Change

It is finished.  An exciting election which gave us some compelling theatre and drove the media speculation machine into overdrive has finally given us a new Prime Minister and a Conservative – Liberal Democrat coalition government.  The control freakery and paranoia of New Labour has been rejected.  Nick Clegg had achieved that which every Liberal, SDP and now Liberal Democrat leader during my life had desired – to have the balance of power in their hands.

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“Wacky Jacqui Spanked By Husband”

One must then also ask if Richard Timney’s er, “late night solo habits” are a regular thing or was this just a one-off? How many other occurrences of such events have there been? Does he use a taxpayer funded computer for his work? Has that been checked for content inappropriate for someone working for the Home Secretary? Has whatever computer(s) he uses been checked for inappropriate content? Is he claiming for Kleenex on these expenses as well?

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One More Step Along The Road To A Police State?

Those who imposed restrictions on their people in response to terrorist atrocities have failed. They have capitulated meekly and spinelessly to the terrorists. By changing the way you live you give the terrorists what they want. Has Britain forgotten the Spirit of the Blitz? Evidently so. A free society which changes the way it lives because of terrorists is no longer a free society.

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