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Labour, Phorm & RIPA: Facts & Questions

As the election campaigning continues, there are some people who need setting straight on Labour’s failures over the Phorm case.  It’s not rocket science.  It is not a matter of “intervening in private business” as some would suggest.  It is a matter of enforcing the law.

Correct me if I’m wrong but if the law is broken then action must be taken against the lawbreaker.  The status of the business or persons involved is irrelevant.  Legality isn’t an emotive issue, it is one of fact.  So here are a few facts and a few questions for Labour and its supporters.

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In Defence Of Blogs: A Challenge To Stephen Pound

Tim Montgomerie writes a defence of blogs in response to Stephen Pound’s weak attempts to justify what has become known as “Smeargate” (the unsavoury conduct of Damian McBride for which he resigned)

Apparently I’m a sad little boy who sits at my bedroom computer all day.  That was Stephen Pound MP’s non-defence of smeargate on Sky News earlier when I was debating with him.  He didn’t even try to defend Labour but went on the attack… against bloggers.  And blogs are supposedly the puerile ones?

OK Stephen, I challenge you here and now, in public.

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One More Step Along The Road To A Police State?

Those who imposed restrictions on their people in response to terrorist atrocities have failed. They have capitulated meekly and spinelessly to the terrorists. By changing the way you live you give the terrorists what they want. Has Britain forgotten the Spirit of the Blitz? Evidently so. A free society which changes the way it lives because of terrorists is no longer a free society.

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Open Response to Jack Straw

UK Justice Secretary Jack Straw blogged about the Surveillance Society, DNA databases and civil liberties on the Blackburn Labour blog.  It’s typically vague stuff attempting to justify the DNA database but failing to address the recent European Court judgement on illegally retaining DNA samples from people not convicted of a crime.

Here’s my response to the Justice Secretary.  If you’re a regular reader then you will already know the kind of thing I’m talking about.

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