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Karma At Work

Sloppy and shoddy practices, questionable conduct, failing to provide information.  No, this isn’t another post about ACS:Law.  Bear these phrases in mind as we take a look at karma visiting a US based legal firm and paying them back big time.

The internet powered age provides many positives.  These same positives can also become major pitfalls, as the Steven J. Baum foreclosure firm found out last month.

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“Government” Could Start Snooping Social Networks

The logical extension of this is that the “government” will impose a law (poorly drafted so as to criminalise as many people as it can) which requires all private messaging systems to keep full records of who said what to whom and when it was said. Naturally the “government” will require 24/7 access to these logs for its own, unaccountable use.

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Still Thinking Of Voting Labour?

This post has been coming for a while.

Regular readers will know that I am vehemently opposed to the surveillance and database states that this current Labour “government” (I use “government” in quotes because the Labour administration is unworthy of the name) is obsessed with.  I believe strongly that stupidity should not be tolerated and should be highlighted and challenged.  As this Labour “government” worships the ideas of the surveillance and database states and is demonstrably stupid in areas such as understanding the internet, much of my writings here are concentrated on those issues.

Anyone who values personal freedom and privacy should vote Conservative at the next General Election.  If you haven’t read George Orwell’s 1984 then you should.

Yes folks, crank up the Led Zeppelin classic Whole Lotta Love (used to be the countdown music on Top Of The Pops for anyone under 25 who hasn’t got a clue what I’m on about.  It’s on my playlist and air guitars are not compulsory *smile*) because here are three  reasons why I think Labour is unworthy of being in government*.  Better get yourselves a cup of tea because this is a long post:

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