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Tag: failure to produce legal opinion

All I Hear Is Phorm

Like a nasty strain of venereal disease that just won’t go away, Phorm somehow seems to keep hanging on and showing up somewhere that hasn’t encountered its unpleasantness.  Kent Ertugrul’s company is said to be looking at China (a nice match that as China is no fan of privacy) and is trialling in Brazil.  Of course what Kent calls trialling and what you or I would call trialling may well be two very different things.

Let’s be honest here, veracity isn’t something Phorm have a very good track record in.  There has been some discussion on internet forums in Brazil about Phorm and its invasive (and illegal under UK and EU law) product. Then of course there’s the smear campaign website.  In short there’s nothing about Phorm to indicate that they are trustworthy in any respect.

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UK Now On Final Notice Over Phorm

Phorm and the UK “government” might just come to realise that the backlash against internet snooping and illegal DPI based advertising is a serious one.

The EU has announced that it is moving to the second phase of its proceedings against the UK government over its failure to enforce laws protecting internet users’ privacy.

Nazi war criminals are still prosecuted for their crimes from years ago. Other criminals are prosecuted for their crimes in previous years. Why shouldn’t those involved in allowing these crimes to happen face judicial process?

Those involved in the collaboration with BT and Phorm, whoever they are, whatever their status and regardless of for whom they were working must face the courts.

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Phorm Interim Results: Another Large Loss

It reminds me of the Iraqi Information Minister in its optimism in the face of people realising the truth about Phorm. Nowhere in that statement does the word “legal” feature. As in “Our product is legal and here is the verifiable opinion confirming that”. Maybe the AGM will be the place where Kent comes out and finally answers this simple yet basic question.

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Phorm Results On Monday, Ex-BT Tech Chief Quits

Chris Williams reports on El Reg that Stratis Scleparis, the former BT Retail CTO who jumped ship to Phorm in 2007 after BT’s secret tests of Phorm’s technology in 2006, has now quit the contraversial company. BT claimed that their testing of Phorm’s technology wasn’t illegal here and their statement didn’t answer questions about the role of Scleparis. Make of that what you will.

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