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Automated Answering System Failures

Not everyone likes to use a company’s website to deal with issues. Not everyone has internet access. Some people want to get their issue logged by a person. Some people need to actually talk to a person (as I did this morning). When a customer calls an organisation they don’t want to be bored senseless with waffle about that company’s website – they want to talk to someone!

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Royal Mail Fail

Having already written about call centres and customer service you know that I’ve got some sensible ideas about how to provide a service which is better for customers.

This morning I had cause to contact Royal Mail about the redirection of mail I had set up.  They are now redirecting mail intended for other people at my old address instead of the mail intended for just me.  One letter was time critical and clearly not addressed to me.  Being the decent chap I am, I contacted the company concerned and advised them that the letter had been wrongly forwarded to me.

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Call Centres And Customer Service

Having been on both sides of the fence as well as being in the back office where things are planned and implemented, I’m fairly well placed to talk about ways to improve Call Centres’ service to customers.

The work of Dr W Edwards Deming emphasises the concept of quality as being the real driving force behind excellent service, whether it’s in manufacturing or service provision. Too many organisations are driven by the idea of getting the most out of employees the quickest and for the cheapest price possible. Call centres (or contact centres or whatever other trendy names there are for such places) are an ideal example.

The majority of us will have had to deal with call centres at some point in our day to day affairs. Banks, credit card companies, local authorities, utilities, ISPs, and support lines are invariably users of the call centre concept. Now a sensibly planned, well implemented call centre which is manned by staff who aren’t slavishly bound to follow a script and who are allowed to use their brains and take ownership of issues seems to be a rare thing.

Let’s look at the actual process of dealing with a call centre.

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