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Tag: black sabbath

My Top 100 Songs of All Time

Following on from Iain Dale’s list of his top 100 songs, I thought I would post my choices.  Makes a refreshing change from writing about Phorm.  I make no apologies for the fact that most of these are trad and classic rock. Some of these choices might surprise you. Others might not. As the lyrics to a song often have a story behind them, so do many of my choices.

Thanks to YouTube and the PRS having a spat some of the videos I wanted to use weren’t available to me, like the original studio version of Perfect Strangers (number 41).  But we rockers love live performances so there’s a few of those here as well as some studio versions.  There’s classic rock, trad rock, hair rock, glam rock, bluesy rock, blues, electronica, classic, a touch of goth and even some country & western!  There are a couple I couldn’t find stuff for but I’m sure you get the general idea.

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