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Professional Standards & Ethics

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks during which my desire to accept that people generally act honourably and to the highest professional standards has taken some big hits. At heart I’m an old fashioned kind of guy and really want to believe that people will do their jobs properly and behave to a high professional standard without my having to get involved. Sadly it seems that more often I have to push, press and get involved to ensure that actually happens.

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Birmingham City Council Blocks Atheist Sites

In their omnipresent wisdom Birmingham City Council have decided to block their staff from accessing websites dealing with Atheism and new age Neopagan religions. As an IT professional who has done policy work in this area from both sides of the issue I was intrigued by this story. Reading the BBC’s report left me with some questions to ask. So I did. This is an e-mail I have sent today to Birmingham City Council via their website.

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