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Tag: All-Party Parliamentary Group on Communications

UK Now On Final Notice Over Phorm

Phorm and the UK “government” might just come to realise that the backlash against internet snooping and illegal DPI based advertising is a serious one.

The EU has announced that it is moving to the second phase of its proceedings against the UK government over its failure to enforce laws protecting internet users’ privacy.

Nazi war criminals are still prosecuted for their crimes from years ago. Other criminals are prosecuted for their crimes in previous years. Why shouldn’t those involved in allowing these crimes to happen face judicial process?

Those involved in the collaboration with BT and Phorm, whoever they are, whatever their status and regardless of for whom they were working must face the courts.

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Dominic Grieve: A Good Start But Misses ICO Unfitness For Purpose

Shadow Secretary of State for Justice Dominic Grieve QC MP has announced a list of proposals a future Conservative government would put into place to “reverse the rise of the Surveillance State”.

Sounds good but what are the facts behind the soundbites?  More importantly what are the omissions behind the soundbites?  What isn’t said is as important as what is.  Specifically with reference to the Information Commissioner’s Office, a body which Mr Grieve wants to give more powers to.

Those who have followed the Phorm story will no doubt be aware that the ICO is complicit in allowing Phorm and BT to get away with their secret and illegal tests as any other government department.  Perhaps even more so because it is not unreasonable to expect those charged with the guardianship of Data Protection legislation to have a decent understanding of such legislation.

Mr Grieve has failed to understand the Information Commissioner’s Office complicity.  Perhaps he doesn’t know about it.

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Some People Think Ethics Is A County North Of The Thames

The trolling has continued during today. Now whoever is doing this is clearly lacking in class and ethics and also any understanding of the legal question marks over Phorm’s “Webwise” product. Looks like some people really do think ethics is a county north of the Thames.

It’s not about emotive statements. It’s not about smear campaigns. It’s about facts. It’s about trustworthiness. It’s about Phorm being open, honest and showing that they behave to the highest standards of conduct (although recent events have driven a coach and horses through that.)

Ultimately it’s about legality. Respecting and obeying both the letter and the spirit of the law.

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