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IWF At It Again

It seems that self appointed, unaacountable quango that is the Internet Watch Foundation has decided that the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine – an 85 billion page web history dating back to 1996 – is a hotbed of kiddie porn and has added it to whatever list it declares as “unsuitable and illegal viewing”. Demon Internet (now owned by Thus) is reported as blocking access to the entire site.

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IWF Climbdown Over Wikipedia Censorship

If it is trying a damage limitation exercise then it is too late. The IWF’s reputation has been damaged and its methodology, transparency and accountability publicly challenged. That damage still remains. The questions still remain to be answered. That the IWF has recognised that it got this one wrong is a good thing. A pity it has taken a backlash from the internet community as a whole to achieve that. As an organisation involved purely with the internet the IWF could and should have forseen the consequences of their heavy handed approach.

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IWF Censoring Wikipedia Furore

There has been a lot of debate surrounding the decision of the Internet Watch Foundation to censor a Wikipedia article about a Scorpions album from 1976 by putting the address of the page on its blacklist, claiming that the album cover is child pornography.

A number of ISPs use the IWF’s blacklist to block access to known potentially illegal sites which may include child porn.  Those ISPs are now reported as preventing their customers from accessing the Wikipedia website.

The Register posted its own report as well as a follow up about online retailers’ efforts to remove the “potentially illegal” (in the words of the IWF) image from their websites.  As ever, the comments pages following those articles raise some very valid points.

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Government Ignorance, Technical Illiteracy & Control Freakery

David Cameron has proven himself to be as useless and pathetic a Prime Minister as Gordon Brown was.  Politicians govern in ignorance; it is their duty to make sure they get the best advice from the best advisors.  So one could possibly understand (if not forgive) Cameron’s ignorance.  But to choose the technically illiterate Claire Perry as his internet advisor is beyond ignorant, beyond stupid and almost beyond non-offensive pejoratives.

Cameron and Perry are using the emotive phrase “think of the children” and the guise of blocking child pornography to rail through the kind of censorship that would not be out of place in China.  It was typical politician soundbite without thinking through what was said: “One click to protect your whole home and keep your children safe”.  An impossible claim.  One which, if he didn’t already know it, his advisors should have told him it was impossible.

This isn’t about porn.  It’s about control freakery and censorship.  Porn is merely the paint job on this wagon of control freakery and censorship.

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